Back at UMass

Finally back.....

I'm sitting at my desk sorting out my room with my eyes. Julie is only feet away, sitting cross legged on my bed, taking notes on "the Penguin Handbook" for freshman writing. It's good to know that she will never be out of reach again.
My speaker system came from my room last year. I found it in our Sylvan suite on move out day of 1st semester, but couldn't find the owner after asking around. It is just a really good, two speaker setup made by Altec Lansing, I've always loved the quality of their stuff.

I have a new favo(u)rite thing in my room now. The electric tea kettle I got for Christmas is literally the best invention of this past decade. Anything you would want to make in a college dorm room can be prepared with just hot water. This includes ramen, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and dehydrated anything. Another good thing about it, is it's ability to make warm water. If you boil a kettle and let it sit, the temperature will settle after about 10 minutes.

My first class of this semester started at 11:15 AM. Comp-lit 2-fuckity-something "Good and (Mostly) Evil: East vs. West" started with our teacher trying to scare half of our class away to make the experience more personal. We will be reading three novels and numerous poems and short stories. I am excited because the teacher hand selected the books because they are all favo(u)rites of hers. She told us that she would be offended if we didn't read the material. One thing we are expected to get deeply into is "Slumdog Millionare" which Neil was hyping a few weeks ago.
That's all I've had for classes so far. Hoop! tonight.

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Winter break.

ya good weekend

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