Beards - A carbonated beverage and way of life.

Not many people in the age group of 16-20 can grow a sizable beard. Most people seem to have a problem filling out very specific areas such as the cheeks and connecting space between mustache and chin.
The first time I shaved my face, I used a razor that was given to me with a $10 purchase at CVS. I didn't think to use shaving cream or water, but at that point it didn't really matter that much because at 14, you don't have facial hair unless you're Chris Howland. (Seen on the left in the photograph below.)Without a mustache, he has no face. This is not by any means an attack, merely an example.

Somewhere during my senior year, or maybe even before, I decided not to shave for what probably amounted to three weeks. To my suprize, a beard was born.
Once while riding a bus during a Furtek field trip, Katie Sylvester commented that she would never want to kiss a guy with facial hair, with that, my beard became security from Mashpee AA 07.

I don't know where I'm going with this so I'll talk about something else.

Since Christmas, I have had a splitter in my car dividing my cigarette lighter into two separate but equal plugs so that I could power both my radar detector and my iPod charger. Well, the problem with this setup was that the cord to the radar detector was unsightly, dividing my windshield in half, the splitter blocked my volume control knob as well as half of the radio, and finally, somewhere in the month of March, I pushed too hard on the splitter causing the wiring to become faulty. Much like when I broke Lips' CD player in his car stereo, bumps started causing the radar detector and iPod to turn off and on at a whim.
Finally I found a solution to this while sitting in the 15 minute parking spot, listening to Living in America by James Brown. I ripped the map lights and sunroof controls down from my ceiling and found a positive wire by electrocuting myself. I cut the cord on my radar detector and hardwired it to the power supply of my interior lights. After running the chord along the interior of my roof, I had fiberglass splinters, and a radar detector mounted above and to the left of the drivers seat. It looks great, if you want me to do it for you, I will free of charge.

Dino is a Wamp now. That's good for him. I hope my family becomes Wamp so that we can survive the recession on soverign lands.

Easy, Lucky, Free: is a bad tattoo to get above your private parts,