Christmas to Christmas

That my friends is the worst Christmas song ever.
Why did they 80's have to happen? One reason: I was born.
Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope everyone is having a great day. Me and Julie woke up at my house and ate french toast. Julie brought Bruiser the rat downstairs in her pocket and he made poops inside of her sweatshirt. I'm at Julie's house now and JJ needs to take some happy pills. (according to his mom) I think she is calling him a smartass.
Me and Julie got a lot of stuff for Christmas, as did my Dad. Julie got a few sweaters from my parents that she thinks are too small. (She's wrong) They also got her a fleece blanket and a big LL Bean tote bag with a zipper and her name embroidered on it; this should be a good replacement for her huge sea bag she got in SC. I got Julie some white mittens with a matching headband so that she can stay nice and warm in Am(h)erst. She got hooked up with warm stuff!
This year I got lucky as always. Julie got me a silver claddagh ring from Elfstone. I need to get it re-sized so I can get it onto my ring finger, but I really love it! It's very nice. My parents got me a mandolin with a really nice case! It came with 5 straps so I'll give Neil one for his present. I have a pint glass collection so my parents got me a UMass pint glass to fit in there. Some day I'm going to have a bar with dew taps and tons of cool pint glasses. Aspiration.
Alright. Julie got a laptop, I'm typing on it now. Nice pseudo mac.

WORD!!!! XMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

times, they are a' changin.

It seems like it's been a whole year since I saw snow... oh wait..
Finals are over; three semesters down, "x" to go. Latin is one hell of a language, especially when you don't speak it. This morning I stopped my car on the side of the road to help a girl who had crashed into a snow bank in the center of Am(h)erst. When I went up to her window and asked her if she needed help she looked perplexed. Come to find out, she only spoke Spanish and I was able to rely on what I learned in high-school to communicate with her. Once you get to a certain point with a language it feels more natural. When trying to replicate the situation between friends this afternoon, I couldn't find the words within myself but when I needed them, they were there. The human mind God's most interesting creation.
I'm sitting up in my room in Mashpee now. I wanted to see Julie tonight but me and Neil got back really late from Am(h)erst so I couldn't call her house: JJ didn't pick up his cell phone. She probably would have been okay with me showing up, (okay isn't the appropriate word, overjoyed should do it though) but I settled down and wrapped some Christmas presents instead.
I love the holidays. Although I believe that the cold air brings people closer together rather than "the spirit of Christmas", I recognize that they coincidentally occur at the same moment in time each and every year. This is a great supporting argument as to why we don't celebrate Christmas on Jesus' actual birthday: It would be too hot and shitty.
My Christmas shopping isn't complete yet. I still haven't figured out the perfect thing to get the #1 girl on my list. If anybody has an idea, feel free to call my cellphone and make a suggestion, there is precious little time. She wouldn't be mad if my present sucked, she is truly sweet when it comes to appreciating effort, most of the time. I know she already took care of me though so I need to find her something cute at the very least.

Remember that song that was popular last year that had a strong back beat on the bass and was like "blah blah blah whispers hello, I miss you quite terribly." Decent song as compared to most other popular charts. I'm looking to do a good bit of recording and playing over break. I know first and foremost that "Wild Theory" has a bunch of gigs lined up all through January, which I am excited for. On the other side of the spectrum, I am wicked stoked to lay down some tracks with Neil ("See Down the Sun"). Hopefully Brad will show his face over break too. We had some priceless jam sessions when Brad (Neil's cousin by the way) visited UMass a few months ago. Quality musician as well as light hearted fellow. I had a few ideas for songs in the last few weeks, but they've all been pushed aside to make room for my next topic.......

I am lost in "Lost". Why didn't I get into this show when Mr. Brodie was buggin about it years ago? Honestly, I don't know but I'm glad that I waited till now because my computer lets me watch it in full HD resolution online. SOOOOOOO BRUTAL! I'm hoping to finish season three sometime in the upcoming week. After that, theres only season 4 between me and the premier late in January. Every week I'm going to Puffton 13 to watch LOST with Elaine and Kaylee, hopefully others too. This should be a big event. Two more seasons should be enough to satisfy the craving of even the biggest fan while not drawing it out too much. I feel like you can only stretch a TV series so far before it sucks. (i.e. Friends)

I got my "The Polar Express 3D" for Christmas and my dad is getting an atomic clock with a weather panel from me. Theres other things too including a plunger, but I can't disclose what I don't fully remember.

My computer has pretty lights.....

I.C.P. Rules!

Not quite a philosophical question.

Why do guys feel the need to piss on the seat in public restrooms when there are urinals?
"I am shy, so rather than standing against a wall and relieving my bladder I guess it's just easier to see how much piss I can splatter on my shoes."

Why do people line toilets with toilet paper?
I'm sure that some people feel insecure about their bum-bum's being anywhere that someone else might come to rest for two minutes, but according to medical statistics those people are assholes; the same kind of assholes freak-the-fuck-out when there are no more paper towels.
I don't really have a problem with lining the seat with toilet paper because I don't care very much about recycling and conserving, but if you are going to line a toilet with toilet paper and then just leave it there without pushing it in and flushing it, you my friend are the scum of the earth.

America has a big problem that is not recognized. The toilet liners are ENABLERS!!!
The dickshits that piss all over the seat love nothing more than to piss all over toilet paper lined seats rendering toilets useless till the poor guy who has to clean up after your BULLSHIT does his job.
Fuck water conservation, I don't want to smell your shit and piss.
If any of this applies to you, you are an asshole.

"GOOD DAY SIR!!!" (with extreme finality)


The Daily Collegian

Terrible article.....
Why do they publish stuff like this?

Good Mo(u)rning

It's almost 9am. Welcome to my 3rd hour of consciousness.
A few days ago it would seem bizarre for me to be awake by 6am, but today it is something regular and healthy feeling. I have always had a love for the cool/brisk/quiet air of the early morning. The wet/frosted/crisp texture of everything is beautiful. For the past two days I have been going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 4am. There is nothing to do at 4am so I have managed to fall back asleep till 6am, but maybe I should be giving in to the pull of morning. Its been awhile since I took a sun-up walk into town firmly cupping hands with a fresh mug of coffee. For now a shower should do it for me, its really cold outside.


I woke up early this morning to type out a paper for my freshman writing class. The paper ended up being 1.5 pages long double spaced and the subject was "Bowl of Oranges" by Bright Eyes. After I finished the paper and left my room I went to the dining common to get some coffee. They had Irish Coffee flavo(u)r which was very close to the taste of the real thing; I was impressed. Since I didn't have time to sit down I went to go grab a piece of fruit. When I arrived at the fruit there was a girl standing there inspecting each banana as if she was looking for something. I thought to myself that maybe she wasn't really searching for the right banana, but instead searching for some greater meaning in life. After dismissing this thought I decided to complicate her day. I said to her: "Who are you to judge which banana is better than the rest? Could it be that your standards are too high?" Without another word I walked away. When I turned around she was sitting in a chair staring at the banana that she had selected, rotating it for a good 30 seconds.


Good morning.
I want to share this song called "Close Your Eyes" by James Taylor.
It reminds me of Julie and my Dad.
Maybe it's because my Dad looks like James Taylor and plays guitar like him.
Julie for obvious reasons.

Knife control?

In this day in age a knife is nothing more than a weapon to an overwhelming majority of people. Who is to blame for this? Blacks? Wrong answer.
I don't know who is to blame. Everyday since I was in high school I've carried a Swiss Army knife.
Today I still carry the same knife. Occasionally i swap it out for my S&W Black OPS, but recently that has proved to be impractical. Too Big!
Oh well. Good thing I don't respect other people's opinions.
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Phone Calls From [Dale]

Why can't we be in the top eight? Bullshit.

Me and Kristen (Kris G./KFace^2/Tits/whatever) are studying for Jazz. What I mean by that is that she is studying and I am on my computer contemplating why I didn't do this paper yet. We have a bunch of shit to do for music in the next week. 8 page paper on a jazz concert and 10 page paper on "The Preacher". Why did I take this? We don't even go. har har

I was trying to think of the most controversial/offensive thing to say to a granola eating hippie douche bag today. I decided that euthanasia on whales would probably be around #1. I'm sure that will come in handy next time that bitch with lesbian parents tries to take me and Sean Humphrey out for our political beliefs.

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I'll be seeing you....

Few precious days remain in Amherst before Thanksgiving break, and the end of this semester. To me that means the end of first semester, sophomore year. It's crazy to think that I'm almost half way done with college. As most people have one or two concrete emotions concerning their progress at school, I don't know how I feel about leaving here and beginning life. I have regrets about college that bother me every day. I don't put the effort into my schoolwork that it deserves and I haven't since Mrs. Connery's class in 5th grade when I got a C+ because of a week of missed school; I was never absent up until that point, I think I had bronchitis. After I got that one C, I stopped caring. To me, high-school was a joke. I liked Jazz Band, and eventually came to love Chorus even if chorus didn't love me.
Coming to college was a blow to the head. I realized as soon as I stepped into Grinnel Arena that I wasn't the drummer that people had been telling me I was for years. I'm a better drummer now, but I still lack experience. I need to get some time in doing serious exercises out of a book. Listening is going to become very important too, I just need to find the time for all of this.
Freshman years was a rush of blood to the head. I found joy in independence that I had always held close to me, was amplified. From step one, I overloaded myself, took too many risks, and too many credits. Some of the risks paid off, I am not playing bass guitar for the Minuteman Marching Band, and MASS Marimba Band II. I love playing with educated musicians, there is nothing like it.
Today Russ told me that he still looks up to me the way he did when he was in 9th grade after I confessed to having little actual talent as a musician beyond confidence. He will never know how much that means to me. I sat down with the new Wild Theory a couple weeks ago and they are good, really good. Russ and Ben are the greatest pockets of talent in the band; they lack experience, but in time they will see what what they need to do to grow as musicians. All they need is more exposure to talented groups of musicians like themselves. I don't remember the new pianist's name, but he is a breath of fresh air for the band. This kid knows his stuff, and he doesn't try to derail practices and gigs. I met the bassist during a substitute teaching position at the school. I choose to reserve judgment on him for now. Ryan Peterson is a good kid and a talented musician, It's in his blood.
I am stressed physically and emotionally, but I cope. I am calm and there is some structure to the way I work that I vaguely recognize.

I am sane in my insanity.

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You don't know shit about sleep deprivation.

Jim Barabe doesen't sleep. How do I know this?
From a 1st person perspective, I can see that he (3rd person) is awake at 3am waiting for D.P. Dough and about to take a shower. Also, he didn't sleep last night. In fact, he didn't sleep the night before either. It seems as if young James has been awake for about three days straight on caffeine and the will to live.

I hate it when girls (guys don't do it) talk up at the end of sentences as if everything is a question. If you are going to talk like that you should eliminate periods from your writing for consistency between speech and scripture.

Listen to "7 Days" by Sting.

Night Lighting

1 Part Espresso
1 Part Moonshine
1 Part Awesome (Substitute with F.E.U. for Brutality)

Ya... I'd drink that.


Nice Idea Neil

MASS Marimba Band Concert is DONE!

I had a rough time getting up this morning. It wasn't due to alcohol or drug abuse, but it was due to me being tired. I missed a bunch of calls from Julie so she didn't know how to find me when she got to UMass. I eventually found her walking next to where my car was parked and it blew my mind how easily she came to me after I had searched for the greater part of an hour.
It was nice to see my parents as well as Julie. It's really nice to know that there are people that care enough to drive 3 and a half hours to see me play. Our show went really well so I am happy that we didn't fail to impress.
I wrote an essay about Red Sox Nation for my english class in the morning. I am still working on a draft of the essay that is due in the morning. Problem is that I haven't done any research yet and that should have been done about a week ago. So much for staying on top of this assignment. Other things I have to do this week include re-submit my garage band for Jazz, study chapters 1-12 for a Latin test on Friday which will determine whether or not I pass the class, and learn a new chart for Marching Band.
Next semester I'm going to take about 15 credits so that I can get back on my feet. This 20 credit thing isnt cutting it for me. I don't have enough time for any one class so I get stressed out and fuck up all my classes equally. Maybe I'll take 12, I have to choose in the morning so it should be interesting. If I can't get an internship with State Representitive Jeff Perry this summer I might drop my PoliSci Major in search of something else.
Julie is here so I am going to sleep early without finishing this draft. I feel guilty sometimes because I don't give her enough time. I hope she knows how much I love her and rely on her support. She is really good to me. :-)


I am very tired. Last night I got absolutely no sleep. The funny thing is that I don't remember what I did last night besides talk to Arif about UMass Dartmouth. That's a very weird thing to remember. Oh well.....
I'm recording with Wild Theory this Saturday in Marstons Mills at 1pm. Hope all goes well, I've been taking a look at some of the music. For clarification, Wild Theory is Russjack on sax, Ben Vachon on guitar, and myself on the drum set; there are other people including a pianist and a bassist but I have never met them. This should be fun. Were a jazz combo group from the Cape and we play a lot at New Seabury and Starbucks. It's a great time and an easy way to make some money. Comes see us.


LAN just won LAN!!!!!

Missed Marimba Band rehearsal today. When I showed up for the rehearsal tonight I threw down and shit wasn't as bad as I thought.
I'm writing a paper for my English Writing 112 class on Socialized Healthcare. Good times. I should have chosen a topic I care about but its all good.
Drank coffee at 9:45 a few minutes after I got out of Marimba Band. Mocha Latte. Rao's has me covered. Right now I'm downing a bottle of sparking cider. Let the good times roll.
Go UMass!

Word at making Hoop Band!

Marimba Band

I feel like all I've been doing lately is playing bass. Drumline stuff is coming to a close, and most of our new music (excluding the chart we're getting Thursday) has been pretty simple. Marimba Band on the other hand is kicking my ass. Today Hannum unexpectedly showed up for our rehearsal and apparently my hard work has paid off because I didn't get my ass kicked. There were suggestions on every piece but at no point was I told that I had no idea what the fuck was going on, which is what I was ready to hear.
I have a paper to write tonight about Nationalized Social Healthcare. Neil is hopefully going to help me structure it because my teacher is a bizzitch. Word!

Charles Manson

Anyone wonder what my fascination with Charles Manson is?

I have been told that with a beard and long hair I resemble him.
He is crazy and says things that are completely mind blowing.
I would not join his family or actually endorse his release.
As Tim Kelly has said, he wrote some sick charts.

That's about it.

Watch this.

Minuteman Mambo

Blog... word
I'm practicing a piece for Marimba Band II, which I am playing bass for. It's four pages long and not that hard except for the solo. Some guy named Brian Nozny apparently composed this for Marimba Band I but they didn't have time to learn it so we got it instead. Fun piece.
I looked like an asshole the other day because I suck at music so Kyle said "You know this is our major, don't you?" and I pretty much just said. Ummm ya, sorry. I don't know how to play bass.
I've been working out the solo for about an hour now, it's only 8 bars. Music is written high above the staff and the intonation on my bass is horrible because the truss rod is broken.
Oh well, concert is next Monday night at 8. Be there or be an asshole.