PhiBD 2010

Can't say that I just woke up, but it is 740am. I tossed around in bed since 1230 last night. Hope band camp goes well, shouldn't be too bad.

Lucy is sitting on Julie's head, ha.


Heres a picture to get your attention.

Long Story Short:
Tila Tequila went to Juggalo Fest and get a bunch a rocks thrown at her. When you suck so bad that even Juggalos hate you, you know your in a shitty place in life.

It's one thing to have a strange sense of humor. It's a completely different thing to have no sense of humor but still be funny. I'm curious why my friends and I come up with the jokes that we do. Most people that meet me, immediately think that I'm a bit outspoken and strange, but truth be it, most of my inspiration comes from friends at home including but not limited to Bryan West, Lips, Chris Kelly, Steves (A joke in itself, I don't have a friend named Steve plural), Bryan Way, the crazy everyday happenings of our lives, and the the unexpected moments that occurred because of drug use or conveniently fucked up mishaps.
Since turning 21, I have gone to a bar only a handful of times. Cherry Bombs with Lip, Lisa and Chris Kelly, Black and Tans with Elaine, Guinness with the boys (this includes Julie) at Bobby Byrne's on the fateful day, and some scummy bar crap with Lip. The best thing about being legal is playing pool after midnight and free UFC matches. Although I haven't gotten into a bar for a fight yet, I hope that I can see a bunch this upcoming semester at the townie bar a few blocks away called Snowzees which used to be called Seven O's (a much better and less gay name).