Holy shit.

Just found the best thing ever.

I've tried to start multiple bands in the last five or so years, and none have ever taken off or written more than a few songs. A few bands I've been in include: "2 Girls 1 Tuna, Phone Calls from Dale, Boxcar and a Jug of Wine/Me and You vs Everyone, and Synapse."
This has lead me to conclude that Neil's dad is a lot better at the logistics involved in music than I am. In the last year, I've played with Polka Dan's Beetbox Band and the Saturday Night Blues at the Claddah; both have been great experiences.
Today the pit got a new chart to go along with this year's theme, Pirates of the Caribbean. The song is called "The Closer", although this song is not the last in our set-list. We also have "Davey Jones", "Kracken", and the percussion feature "Bill Bailey".

Good times at UMass.