another rainy day..

If I had my camera with me, I would share with you all that I am seeing.
Raos is crowded, that guy that doesn't like his picture taken is here being a punk bitch. The schizophrenic man, I believe his name is "Bill" is walking about, reading his latest thesis on the nature of modern gangsters, bling-bling, and heroism.
This man who walks about Am(h)erst and Northampton wearing a "penguin scene" sweater has what can only be described as "a beautiful mind". His vocabulary is extensive and his confidence in social interaction, proportionate to the mystery which surrounds him. He is now back, loudly discussing some kind of secret umbrella organization. Maybe he has paranoid delusions..

In the news: Manson's Sheep (Susan Atkins) up for parole next month!
Susan Atkins is the longest incarcerated female inmate of the California prison system. Why? Because she murdered eight people. The question that the parole board will be facing next month is a question that they have agreed on unanimously 17 times prior: Will releasing Atkins pose a risk to the public?
After an investigation into her family's website, I have found out that Atkins is now paralyzed over 85% of her body. I can imagine lying in bed one night, and suddenly being attacked by Steven Hawking. If you have ever tried to life an electric wheelchair, trust me, they are very heavy because of that huge battery strapped to the chassis. Should paralysis act as grounds for parole? It is certainly better than a plea for insanity, but if you kill one person let alone eight, I think you should live out your sentence in jail.

BTW, she had a leg amputated and has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Have a nice day.