Why not?

Over the last few weeks Neil has been talking about graduating from college and rather than instantly jumping into a career, taking some time off to enjoy life and music. I don't know if I would personally have any luck pursuing music after school, but today I thought a lot about taking some time off. This probably isn't a good way to lead into early retirement, but I was thinking about all the homeless people out on the streets and about all the free time they have. What if they were to get a job for just a few hours every week, just enough to pay rent and basic utilities. I guess you still have to pay for food, but I can see myself working at a coffee shop for 20 hours a week and spending the rest of my time sitting in that same coffee shop reading and playing music. Why not?

Yes, I am supposed to be writing a paper that is due tomorrow, but I enjoy blogging more than I enjoy political science. Maybe that should be a sign to me to change my major. I guess government work can, at times, resemble the 20 hour a week coffee shop lifestyle that I admire. All I need is a mental disability and I can realistically be a hermit or politician.

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