MASS Marimba Band Concert is DONE!

I had a rough time getting up this morning. It wasn't due to alcohol or drug abuse, but it was due to me being tired. I missed a bunch of calls from Julie so she didn't know how to find me when she got to UMass. I eventually found her walking next to where my car was parked and it blew my mind how easily she came to me after I had searched for the greater part of an hour.
It was nice to see my parents as well as Julie. It's really nice to know that there are people that care enough to drive 3 and a half hours to see me play. Our show went really well so I am happy that we didn't fail to impress.
I wrote an essay about Red Sox Nation for my english class in the morning. I am still working on a draft of the essay that is due in the morning. Problem is that I haven't done any research yet and that should have been done about a week ago. So much for staying on top of this assignment. Other things I have to do this week include re-submit my garage band for Jazz, study chapters 1-12 for a Latin test on Friday which will determine whether or not I pass the class, and learn a new chart for Marching Band.
Next semester I'm going to take about 15 credits so that I can get back on my feet. This 20 credit thing isnt cutting it for me. I don't have enough time for any one class so I get stressed out and fuck up all my classes equally. Maybe I'll take 12, I have to choose in the morning so it should be interesting. If I can't get an internship with State Representitive Jeff Perry this summer I might drop my PoliSci Major in search of something else.
Julie is here so I am going to sleep early without finishing this draft. I feel guilty sometimes because I don't give her enough time. I hope she knows how much I love her and rely on her support. She is really good to me. :-)