Minuteman Mambo

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I'm practicing a piece for Marimba Band II, which I am playing bass for. It's four pages long and not that hard except for the solo. Some guy named Brian Nozny apparently composed this for Marimba Band I but they didn't have time to learn it so we got it instead. Fun piece.
I looked like an asshole the other day because I suck at music so Kyle said "You know this is our major, don't you?" and I pretty much just said. Ummm ya, sorry. I don't know how to play bass.
I've been working out the solo for about an hour now, it's only 8 bars. Music is written high above the staff and the intonation on my bass is horrible because the truss rod is broken.
Oh well, concert is next Monday night at 8. Be there or be an asshole.