Christmas to Christmas

That my friends is the worst Christmas song ever.
Why did they 80's have to happen? One reason: I was born.
Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope everyone is having a great day. Me and Julie woke up at my house and ate french toast. Julie brought Bruiser the rat downstairs in her pocket and he made poops inside of her sweatshirt. I'm at Julie's house now and JJ needs to take some happy pills. (according to his mom) I think she is calling him a smartass.
Me and Julie got a lot of stuff for Christmas, as did my Dad. Julie got a few sweaters from my parents that she thinks are too small. (She's wrong) They also got her a fleece blanket and a big LL Bean tote bag with a zipper and her name embroidered on it; this should be a good replacement for her huge sea bag she got in SC. I got Julie some white mittens with a matching headband so that she can stay nice and warm in Am(h)erst. She got hooked up with warm stuff!
This year I got lucky as always. Julie got me a silver claddagh ring from Elfstone. I need to get it re-sized so I can get it onto my ring finger, but I really love it! It's very nice. My parents got me a mandolin with a really nice case! It came with 5 straps so I'll give Neil one for his present. I have a pint glass collection so my parents got me a UMass pint glass to fit in there. Some day I'm going to have a bar with dew taps and tons of cool pint glasses. Aspiration.
Alright. Julie got a laptop, I'm typing on it now. Nice pseudo mac.

WORD!!!! XMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!