times, they are a' changin.

It seems like it's been a whole year since I saw snow... oh wait..
Finals are over; three semesters down, "x" to go. Latin is one hell of a language, especially when you don't speak it. This morning I stopped my car on the side of the road to help a girl who had crashed into a snow bank in the center of Am(h)erst. When I went up to her window and asked her if she needed help she looked perplexed. Come to find out, she only spoke Spanish and I was able to rely on what I learned in high-school to communicate with her. Once you get to a certain point with a language it feels more natural. When trying to replicate the situation between friends this afternoon, I couldn't find the words within myself but when I needed them, they were there. The human mind God's most interesting creation.
I'm sitting up in my room in Mashpee now. I wanted to see Julie tonight but me and Neil got back really late from Am(h)erst so I couldn't call her house: JJ didn't pick up his cell phone. She probably would have been okay with me showing up, (okay isn't the appropriate word, overjoyed should do it though) but I settled down and wrapped some Christmas presents instead.
I love the holidays. Although I believe that the cold air brings people closer together rather than "the spirit of Christmas", I recognize that they coincidentally occur at the same moment in time each and every year. This is a great supporting argument as to why we don't celebrate Christmas on Jesus' actual birthday: It would be too hot and shitty.
My Christmas shopping isn't complete yet. I still haven't figured out the perfect thing to get the #1 girl on my list. If anybody has an idea, feel free to call my cellphone and make a suggestion, there is precious little time. She wouldn't be mad if my present sucked, she is truly sweet when it comes to appreciating effort, most of the time. I know she already took care of me though so I need to find her something cute at the very least.

Remember that song that was popular last year that had a strong back beat on the bass and was like "blah blah blah whispers hello, I miss you quite terribly." Decent song as compared to most other popular charts. I'm looking to do a good bit of recording and playing over break. I know first and foremost that "Wild Theory" has a bunch of gigs lined up all through January, which I am excited for. On the other side of the spectrum, I am wicked stoked to lay down some tracks with Neil ("See Down the Sun"). Hopefully Brad will show his face over break too. We had some priceless jam sessions when Brad (Neil's cousin by the way) visited UMass a few months ago. Quality musician as well as light hearted fellow. I had a few ideas for songs in the last few weeks, but they've all been pushed aside to make room for my next topic.......

I am lost in "Lost". Why didn't I get into this show when Mr. Brodie was buggin about it years ago? Honestly, I don't know but I'm glad that I waited till now because my computer lets me watch it in full HD resolution online. SOOOOOOO BRUTAL! I'm hoping to finish season three sometime in the upcoming week. After that, theres only season 4 between me and the premier late in January. Every week I'm going to Puffton 13 to watch LOST with Elaine and Kaylee, hopefully others too. This should be a big event. Two more seasons should be enough to satisfy the craving of even the biggest fan while not drawing it out too much. I feel like you can only stretch a TV series so far before it sucks. (i.e. Friends)

I got my "The Polar Express 3D" for Christmas and my dad is getting an atomic clock with a weather panel from me. Theres other things too including a plunger, but I can't disclose what I don't fully remember.

My computer has pretty lights.....

I.C.P. Rules!


  Neil Everett

December 21, 2008 at 11:02 PM

my little brother's friend was wearing an ICP t-shirt today. My family doesn't like him.