Not quite a philosophical question.

Why do guys feel the need to piss on the seat in public restrooms when there are urinals?
"I am shy, so rather than standing against a wall and relieving my bladder I guess it's just easier to see how much piss I can splatter on my shoes."

Why do people line toilets with toilet paper?
I'm sure that some people feel insecure about their bum-bum's being anywhere that someone else might come to rest for two minutes, but according to medical statistics those people are assholes; the same kind of assholes freak-the-fuck-out when there are no more paper towels.
I don't really have a problem with lining the seat with toilet paper because I don't care very much about recycling and conserving, but if you are going to line a toilet with toilet paper and then just leave it there without pushing it in and flushing it, you my friend are the scum of the earth.

America has a big problem that is not recognized. The toilet liners are ENABLERS!!!
The dickshits that piss all over the seat love nothing more than to piss all over toilet paper lined seats rendering toilets useless till the poor guy who has to clean up after your BULLSHIT does his job.
Fuck water conservation, I don't want to smell your shit and piss.
If any of this applies to you, you are an asshole.

"GOOD DAY SIR!!!" (with extreme finality)