Carolina in my mind

MARK and Meghan went to North Carolina to pick out a house.
I wish them luck.

I went to Carolina once with Robert Gallagher and his family, Rachael Colby came with us which is a coincidence because for years she has lived next to Julie. I don't know if that is a coincidence, but her dog's name is Luke.

My camera is awesome, Julie is in the process of stealing it from me. I bought an 8gb SDHC card at BestBuy for $30 and a nice SwissArmy case for $7 at Marshalls. The card has a fairly high transfer speed which helps more than I thought it would.

Next topic
Yesterday Julie and I woke up at 5:55am and started to landscape her "front yard." I say "" because she didn't previously have a front yard. In front of Julie's house there was previously a 6ft wall thorns and small ugly shrubs; now there's nothing except the dirt and stone tiers that were visible years ago. She trimmed her bush so that it looks like a square. It's nice.

Battery is almost out.