Seasonal Scenery Hiatus

Just got off the phone with Ryan Beluk, he goes to community college now. So much for bassoon. Hees cooking!

The last day at UMass has been awesome! I have no classes today so I'm just hanging out in 234. Pretty much all of my stuff is packed up and I'm about to go get Kristen or Neil's stuff packed up in the car. Taking 4 people in one car with all their shit is going to be interesting. Needless to say, I packed light.

Hot dog night was a success, we sold out and the reactions were overall positive. From now on, we will be doing this at midnight rather than one.

What do I have to do over vacation? Well, here's a list.

Practice mallet percussion and rudiments
Write a 5-7 page paper comparing two books
Read two books to compare
Celebrate St. Patricks Day
Bathe rat
Spend quality time with Rat, parents, and girlfriend
Go to Providence +/ Boston
Call Ryan Beluk back
Spend a day with Bryan

I think that might be all?///