Let's get fucked up and fry.....

Hotdogs and Beans tomorrow! Everyone come, nobody forget.
Mike Mirto's surprise party in Southwest at 8pm. (Hopefully he doesn't read my blog.)
Busy night, but there's no Marimba Band so I'm in the clear.

Today was a great day, I wore a fucking t-shirt.
I am eating a "gut buster" from Green-O sub shop. (Chicken, bacon, ranch, honey mustard.)
George Foreman Grills (Cleaned it today, shit's ready for hotdogs tomorrow.)
Sick metronome I found. Makes practicing go a lot smoother.
Power supply came in, none of my components were fried, processor and ram are overclocked.
No (tech)class on Friday!

No new episode of LOST today. I was pumped to see Elaine and Kaylee and eat cookie dough ice cream. Shit is fucked!
Still behind in my work. Shit.

Drop the "n" bomb!

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